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We booked a day tour with Tong after reading so many wonderful reports about her, and I would have to say it was the highlight of our whole trip, if you book a trip with Tong you will not be disappointed she is a very special lady, and her warmth, good humour and her generous and outgoing nature made our day out with her all the more special. Our first stop with Tong was at the floating marketís, †Tong just †fed us so much delicious food, some of the best I have ever had, I could not imagine doing this tour †with out her, †Tong knew all the best places to go, and she makes it so much fun along the way, our next stop was the Tiger Temple and if you go with Tong you are treated like a VIP, it was such an experience to be up so close to these amazing creatures, our children still talk about it, and I still find it hard to believe that we all actually †got into a cage with a sun bear, it was a moment we will never forget.
After the tiger temple Tong took us to a† lovely restaurant, where we ate yet again more tasty Thai food, and then after lunch we went †to Kanchanaburi to the forest orphanage, there we got to meet with the children, and our own children got to play and interact with the kidís at the orphanage, we †had a tour †and got to see where the children bathe and play in the river , and† how they grow and take care of their own vegetables, we organized with Tong to buy the children dinner, and †I† also †organised with Tong to order some birthday cakes and have them delivered to the orphanage, to celebrate †my† husbands birthday . It was a very touching moment when all the children† sang him happy birthday, and the best part was when my family dished up the cake to the excited children,† it was a moment that my family will a never forget, and† we feel† more enriched for having spent a couple of hours with these beautiful children. I felt especially proud when my nine year old son took off his new necklace he bought from †the tiger temple and gave it to one of the children, I think that day my son realised just how fortunate he really is, and just how good it feels to give to people, even if it is only in some small way.

To sum up our day with Tong was just brilliant, and she would have to be one of the nicest people on the planet that we have ever met, we all love her.

Natalie & family


My husband and I are seasoned travellers throughout South-East Asia, with this trip being our third to Bangkok.† It was only on returning from our last trip to Kanchanaburi, we found out about the Tiger Temple.† Determined not to miss out this time, we did some research and found excellent reviews about Tongís Tours on Trip Advisor.†

We initially contacted Tong only a couple of days before we were due to arrive in Bangkok and she immediately responded to our request and everything was organised very quickly with a personal guide and driver.†

On the morning of our tour, our guide Nui, met us bright and early in the lobby of our hotel, the Grand China Princess.† As we had been to Kanchanaburi before, we had three specific requests.† We wanted to see a War Museum that we hadnít seen before, be taken to the site where the remnants of the original Bridge over the River Kwai was located, and we wanted to go to the cub feeding at the Tiger Temple.†

Nui was only too happy to accommodate us and nothing was too much trouble. Our first stop was a Museum opposite the War Memorial.† This museum was better than the other museums we had seen in the past.† Although Nui didnít know where the site for the original bridge was, she made it her mission to find out where it was while we looked through the museum.

After looking through the museum, Nui met us and bartered for us at a nearby stall for souvenirs we wished to purchase, and got very good prices.

Nui and our driver then took us to the site of the original bridge, where only a small section of it remains, and another museum is located.† After plenty of photographs, we were then taken to the Tiger Temple.

Once again Nui was fantastic.† She got us in first to do everything from feeding and holding the baby cubs, to having us first in line to walk the tigers down to the canyon.† She then organized for us to be the first ones to have the special photograph taken with the tigers.† This was truly an amazing experience to have the tigerís head in your lap.† Nui also made sure we had plenty of great photos to take away with us.†

After the canyon, we were taken back to the cubs where we got to play with them for a short while before going off to see Bam Bam the bear and the other animals that roam free throughout the temple.

With it being well after lunch time, Nui suggested we might like some food, and arranged for us to have a meal at a great restaurant which is located only a few minutes away from the Tiger Temple.† The food was to die for and well priced!!

We then headed back into Kanchanaburi where we went back to the Bridge over the River Kwai for more photos and a bit of shopping before heading back to Bangkok.

We had planned to do some other animal-type safari tours while we were in Bangkok, however, after experiencing this tour with Nui, we knew nothing else could compare and decided we would leave with the best memories.† †

We highly recommend Tongís Tours to tailor-make your tour to what you want.

A big thank you for a wonderful day to both Nui and Tong.

Kerin and Shane Parker
Perth, Western Australia

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